Julias Kilnger Cacti Puzzle

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This 12 piece puzzle features Julias Klinger's 1910 poster for the German publishing company Hollerbaum and Schmidt. Klinger always imbued his work with humor and this image was no exception. Here he depicts himself and his fellow Hollerbaum and Schmidt designers as exotic cacti, on display for the viewers enjoyment.

  • 8 x 10 inches 
  • 12 piece puzzle 
  • Created by Poster House 

During his lifetime Julias Klinger (1876–1942) became a major influence in the world of graphic design. After briefly aligning himself with the Vienna Secessionists, he rejected their more decorative aesthetics and came to regard function as an essential part of design. The principles he developed and worked with continue to guide design practices today. In 1942 he was victimized by the racial laws put forth by the National Socialist government. He was deported to a concentration camp where he is presumed to have been killed.


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