Baptized By Beefcake Magnets

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These acrylic magnets were made in conjunction with Poster House's exhibition, Baptized by Beefcake: The Golden Age of Hand-Painted Movie Posters from Ghana. They feature characters from these infamous posters, such as Claude Van Damme as the Kickboxer, re-imagined for our exhibition's walls as billboard sized monochrome artwork.

  • 4 distinct designs
  • 3 x 3 inches
  • 1/4 inch acrylic set over digitally printed image
  • Poster House logo screen printed onto magnetic backing 

Baptized by Beefcake contains information about how movies, economics, and religion mixed in the 1980s & 1990s to inspire larger-than-life posters in Ghana. The exhibition presents the work of 22 artists whose posters tell the story of how Western movies not only became symbols of modernity, but also vehicles for religious experience. Each artist’s signature style reflects Ghana’s rich tradition of painting, as well as the influence of Western commercial graphics portrayed on VHS and PAL box covers. The eye-catching, sometimes shocking graphics reference a hybrid of indigenous and Pentecostal symbology, where Rambo and the Terminator become messengers of moral ideologies in a larger-than-life mashup of pop culture and religion.

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